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ladyofspain7's Journal

18 August
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I was born in NJ, and moved to Arizona at the age of 15. My father was a Spaniard from Barcelona, my mother was of German/Czech ancestry.I am an RN by trade, but have recently quit the profession due to understaffing and increased responsibilities.Too much stress!
I love to dance. I'd rather dance than eat. I was a professional Polynesian dancer for 10 years.
Three years ago I was nagged to read a book called Twilight. I resisted for quite awhile and finally surrendered. I was not into Vampires, but this book was different and I was hooked. Last September, I was again encouraged to read some fanfiction. I decided to try it myself. I am now an OCD fanfiction writer. At first, I was Team Edward, then I saw Eclipse and was incensed that Bella didn't shed a tear for poor broken Jacob. I jumped ship and began a story that stemmed from my nursing sensitivity, which was, give the poor kid a bed bath. It was 4 chapters long. I took it to work and people complained, "where's the rest?" I completed 33 chapters and am now working on the sequel. I've also completed 8 one shots, with various characters.
When I'm not writing, I'm out in my garden or fluffing my compost pile. I make my own BD cards etc.
I have four children three girls and one boy. I'm very proud of all of them.Two of my daughters share my love of writing.