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Drabble # 5: The Phone Call
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      Drabble #5: The Phone Call

Disclaimer: All characters belong to S. Meyer




Bella looked at her clock. It was 3:13 for Pete’s sake! Who would be calling at this hour—one guess, and you’d be right. She picked up the cell, a frown creasing her brow. She was not in the best of moods at 3:13 AM.


“Hi Bells, you awake?” He winced as the stupid comment slipped from his mouth. He scratched his head in embarrassment. Duh— why did he say that? Oh yeah, because he’s an idiot, that’s why.


“If I’m not, then you must be dreaming.” Is he serious? Why would she be awake—

didn’t he own a clock?


“Where are you right now?” Another no-brainer, but apparently, he had no brain—at least not when Bella Swan was concerned.


“I’m in bed, where else would I be?” Could this conversation be any more ridiculous—obviously not.


“Is there a point to this conversation, Jake, because I would really like to get back to sleep.” He could tell by the tone of her voice that she was getting slightly irritated with him. He’d better lay on the charm.


He was so distracted with her always on his mind. “I can’t sleep, Bells. I just had to hear your voice.”


“Let me get this straight—you can’t sleep, so misery loves company—is that it?”


“I wouldn’t exactly call it misery. I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re dancing around in my brain, and you won’t leave me alone. You know I’m madly in love with you, right?” Ooh, that was smooth. Sometimes he amazed himself.


“At 3:13 AM, I guess anything’s possible.”


“You don’t believe me? Ouch—that stings a bit. It’s true. I’m deeply, madly, crazy in love with you.” If she didn’t already know that, then there was something seriously wrong with that head of hers.


“Well, I believe the crazy part all right. You are crazy, Jake.”


“Don’t you love me anymore? I’m not sensing any tender feelings there, honey.” He knew she was tired, but he wanted to hear those three little words from own sweet lips before he hung up.


“Yes, you know I love you. I just want to go back to sleep! I’m hanging up now, okay?”


“No wait—I gotta know. What are you wearing?”


“None of your beeswax.”


“Oh, c’mon, honey, what’s it gonna hurt? Please—tell me what you’re wearing.”


Bells inhaled, and let the air out slowly. “This is only for you. I’ve got on a light blue tank top with a tiny bow in the front and matching tap pants.”


“What have you got on?”


“Not a stitch—nada—my birthday suit—naked as a newborn babe.” Well, she wanted to know, didn’t she? He didn’t want to lie about it.


Bella had to smile. Nothing he could say would shock her, embarrass her, yeah. But she was on the phone, and even if she blushed, he couldn’t see it, so there! Boy, he was such a character  that’s one of the reasons she loved him so much—and yes—even at 3:13 in the morning. “Do you always wear your birthday suit to bed?” she yawned.


“A guy’s gotta be ready when opportunity knocks?” Ha—what can she say to that little remark?


“And are you expecting opportunity to knock anytime soon?”


“One can only hope . . . Wait—are you offering?” His face lit up with anticipation.


“In your dreams, Jake—only in your dreams. Now hang up the phone and go to sleep! Goodnight Jake.”


“Jeez, that’s easy for you to say. You’re not the one lying here waiting for opportunity to knock. Night, Bells.” Sigh . . .














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